Paintball Body Surffing

Experience the highs and lows of River waves without any supportive device like Surfboard or Body board. Yes, it sounds scary but interesting. This adventure is absolute fun and popularly known as ‘Body Surfing’.

Body surfing is one of the most entertaining river adventures in Rishikesh. Travelers immensely enjoy the heavenly wave rides of Ganges under the sparkling sun. Amongst other adventures, this is considered easy, enjoying and enticing because it doesn’t need too many techniques.

It is just about motioning the body with the rhythm of river waves. Age doesn’t bar anyone to participate in Body surfing and one can find people of all ages enjoying the adventure.

Only thing that needs to be ensured is that one should not hydrophobic. Although the sport ensures unlimited fun and excitement, it is essential for one and all to ensure health conditions first. The following are some of the essential points that will help a person in comprehending the technicalities of this sporting adventure:

Body surfing is akin to wave surfing but without any surfing board. It is more like playing with water than swimming into water. During this activity, one gets along with the motion of the wave currents on his back and feels the movement of body along with the tides of river. Since there are no surfing boards,

Body-surfers are provided with a pair of special swim fins to surf on the water.

Though these surfers can make use of other surfing accessories like Hand paddles, hand guns, water blades etc. to accelerate the speed and to position correctly on the wave face. These accessories are optional and experienced surfers know the techniques well to utilize it. Moreover, swim fins are used to make the surfing enjoyable and are not necessary for body surfing.